The Rise of Zain – a star is born, and he is a true Hammer

Once, in a while, something occurs that makes you stop and think – increasingly if like me you are past the 60-age barrier. Most of the time it is a Victor Meldrew moment – the “I don’t believe it” variety accompanied by a weary and exasperated expression. However, occasionally a different sort comes along, and young Zain is a perfect example of this. 

He joined Hammersmith over three years ago and with the huge support of his Mum Shan has become a stronger chess player and developed his talent. Maybe lockdown and those lessons online helped, but I think his success has been down to pure hard work and talent.

Early this month he came second in the British under 12 chess championship, despite in rating terms being in terms of rating the 11th highest in the field – a stellar performance.

He also got a trophy

He then followed that up by gaining a vital win in El Chessico – truly his star is rising.

So, Hammers, both Juniors and Seniors, give it up for a true Hammer and a future star of our great game – I give you Zain.

Lord Clueless

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