World Champion Candidate Michael Adams is coming to town

On Monday the 26th September, we are blessed to welcome Michael Adams to the Mindsports Centre. Nicknamed ‘The Spider’. He weaves a web around his opponents and likes them to beat themselves.

Having reached the dizzying heights of #4 in the world, he achieved strong performances as a World Championship Candidate, reaching the semifinals in 1997, 1999 and 2000. His best performance was at the 2004 FIDE Championship, where he reached the final, narrowly losing out to Rustam Kasimdzhanov in the tie-break games. He is also a seven-time British Chess Champion.

Michael Adams winning the 2019 British Championship (his 7th) | photo: John Upham

On the Day

The rough format of the day will be as follows:

  • 730pm – 830pm: Lecture
  • 830pm – 900pm: Q&A + Book Signing
  • 900pm – 1030pm: 10 Person Clock Simul  (60min + 10sec/move)

How do I join the simul?

  • 5 Places: On the 12th September, we will be having an ECF-rated blitz tournament. Section winners will gain a place in the simul. Only entrants who have paid their 2022/23 subs will be eligible for a place. Enter here
  • 5 Places: Prize draw selected from paid members, the draw will take place between the 12th and 17th of September. Enter here

Instructions for joining the club or renewing your membership are available on our website.

Can I have my booked signed? | How can I purchase a copy of the book?

If you would like to bring a copy of Michael’s new book he will be signing them on the night. We will also be ordering a number for Hammer members. Keep an eye on the Hammersmith Chess Club WhatsApp Announcements Chat.

If you are not part of the WhatsApp chat, please send an email to and I will ensure you are included.

About the book

Think Like a Super-GM is a unique collaboration combining the chess insights of an elite grandmaster with a scientific investigation into thinking at the chess board.

40 chess puzzles were shown to a panel of players ranging from occasional club players up to Super-GM and co-author Michael Adams. Researcher Philip Hurtado recorded not only the moves chosen, but also the detailed thought processes of every player in order to shed light on the mystery as to what exactly defines superior chess strength.

This book offers a unique opportunity for readers to not only solve the puzzles, but also compare their thinking to that of club players, strong amateurs, IMs, GMs and Michael Adams himself. With an additional Bonus Puzzle section and a fascinating Eyetracker experiment showing where different players focused their attention on the board, this is a chess improvement book like no other.

Read more about Michael’s thoughts on the book on his website.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday the 26th September!

Christopher Skulte

Hammer Getting It Done in The Community

As you know Hammer are very active on social media and updating our website. Indeed, the enquiries about our club that we take because of that activity are truly stunning in number. We are blessed to have Benji and previously Andy as our web and social master.

However, there is a section of the population who do not use social media and hence are not aware of our club.

So, when an opportunity arises Hammer are more than willing to step up to the mark.

The management of Hammersmith Broadway Shopping Centre approached the club about doing an event around the giant chessboard they have put out on display in the mall. Swift negotiations took place, and the date of the 27th of August 2022 was agreed on between 11am and 3pm. Chris Skulte and Gaston are masterminding the event – with ideas around chess promotion and distributing leaflets about our club.

I believe a microphone will also be provided – a running commentary on the activities will be provided – blindfold demos, possibly piece odds challenges et al are on the menu.

The critical part is we need true-blue Hammers to help Chris and Gaston on the day so please volunteer on the chat groups or contact them directly and get involved.

Hammers this will be fun and a great chance to promote our club and the game we love.


Just hot off the press Hammer has won the ECF Chess in the Community award for 2022. More details to follow………………..

Chairman John aka “Lord Clueless”