Teams & Captains

As of the 2016-17 season, Hammersmith Chess club has fully 7 teams in different leagues across London, Middlesex, and the Thames Valley competitions. This gives all our members interested in playing competitive league chess the chance to do so. The face-to-face game is a wholly different prospect from online chess, why not give it a go?

Details of our teams and the respective captains as follows – please drop a line to one of our captains if you’d like to know more:

London League 3 – captained by John White. The strongest London league we currently play in which caters for some of our top players across 10 boards of strong competition. You’ll need an ECF rating of 120 or above to prosper in London 3!

London League 4 – captained by Dave Lambert. A mainstay of our calendar, London 4 attracts a broad swathe of players from intermediate to very good. Anybody under 145 ECF has a good shot – we often see a wide range of grades across the 8 boards.

London League 5 – captained by Robin Lee. London 5 is a competitive but accessible competition, with a cap of ECF 145 – players must be under this rating. With 4 boards per game we normally put out a strong team.

London League 6 – Hammersmith enter two teams in this League, captained by Mike Mackenzie, and Rich Wingfield respectively. With a grade cap of 125, and 4 boards per team, our League 6 teams provide plenty of opportunity for our lower graded players, casual players, newbies and a few old dab hands. It’s a friendly & accessible league and we’re very welcoming of newcomers.

Thames Valley – captained by Bajrush Kelmendi. A competitive league based in West London and beyond, any players with an ECF 130+ grade should prosper in this 8 board competition, though there is no lower limit on grades.

Middlesex – As of 2017, Hammersmith will also be entering two teams in this League, captained Adam Cranston and Marios Kouis respectively. As with Thames Valley, the standard is strong and we can normally put out a competitive team, however any grades are eligible to play.

Summer Chess League – a slightly more informal – but still competitive – league running over the Summer months, this is an open competition and we have two teams of 6 boards each, captained by Ken Kwabbiah and Marios Kouis. No grading limits, games are graded, cheap beers… all bets are off!

Celtic Tigers – our sister club, the Celtic Tigers, play in the National Chess League (aka 4NCL) – the highest League System in the UK. Hammerite Chris Skulte manages the team. If you’re keen to play, please check out the details here and get in touch with Chris


We welcome any new players and will do our upmost to provide competitive chess throughout the season, along with the usual club events, tournaments and training evenings!

The only requirements are that you’re a paid-up member of the club – details here, and that you’re ECF-registered, details here. It’s a very simple process, please feel free to ping us with any questions you might have.

Further information on the leagues we play in can be found here:

London League
Thames Valley