Free Bridge Taster Session – 16th May

Now we share a home with other Mindsports, especially bridge players, a number of members and spouses / partners have mentioned they would really like to try bridge.

So we have organised something for you. We think it’s going to be really special.

You may not know it but fellow London Mindsports club, the YC bridge club, is the strongest in the land, and boasts umpteen national and international champions as members. Strangely enough, they look just like us!

We are truly delighted to be able to say that former English champion and renowned bridge teacher, David Parry, has agreed to run a special taster session for HCC members and friends and spouses / partners. We are also going to invite other London chess players and if you have someone you would like to bring along, please do so. This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. Don’t miss it!

This is for complete beginners. If you know what a playing card looks like then you’re halfway there, jokes David. But if you have played a little in the past and want to pop along, then please feel free to do so.

The taster will take place at the London MindSports Centre on Tuesday 16 May 2023.

It will be a 90-minute session followed by blitz chess for those who want it, and general drinks and socialising in the bar for those who don’t.

And it’s all free! Well, apart from your drinks.

  • 7.15pm Arrive
  • 7.30pm Prompt Start
  • 9.00pm End
  • 9.15pm Blitz Chess and Gossip

The taster is just that, a taster. David will be following up with a full Saturday Bridge for Beginners session later.

We can only accommodate as many people as will fit in the room, so if you want to come, please, please do sign up asap. Entry is strictly on a first come, first served basis, but as HCC members you have 24 hours to register before we open it up to all of London.

To register, just fill out this very short form:

We will confirm places in due course, and look forward to seeing you there! 🙂

Chris Skulte

Hammer supporting chess in the community

In October 2019, Hammersmith (along with our arch-rivals Battersea), combined forces to head into Wandsworth Prison for a day of training and rapid matches which turned out to be an amazing experience for those both inside and outside of the prison. (Link attached below)

The Big House Chess Match

We have been contacted once again (by Peter Sullivan) to support some initiatives within some of London’s prisons (Pentonville and Wormwood Scrubs). It would be great if someone was keen on providing regular support (to backup an existing team), but I am also putting together a list of people that may be interested for ‘one-off’ events at these locations too.

Ultimately, everyone who has participated before has said the experience has been extremely rewarding. Please note that this is open to both men & women.


  • We are looking for volunteers to help out with chess sessions at Wormwood Scrubs and Pentonville prisons.
  • We run weekly, two hour sessions during the week and we are looking for a team of three or four to cover them.
  • The men really appreciate the opportunity to play and some improve rapidly.
  • Peter Sullivan runs a chess club at Wandsworth and it is one of the most challenging and rewarding things he has ever done.
  • Prisons in the UK enter teams in the World Internet Prisons Chess Championships in which the players have the opportunities to compete against prisons in countries like Argentina, Zimbabwe, India, Iran and the US.

Anyone thinking of volunteering will undoubtedly have a whole host of questions. We will setup a session to learn more for those that are interested.

If you are interested in any of the above, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with more details:

Thanks all for considering taking a moment to really provide support to a positive initiative.

Chris Skulte

County Chess: Middlesex Seniors (18+) vs Middlesex Juniors (u18) – 6th May 2023

Hammersmith is an affiliated club of Middlesex County Chess Team, with many of our players playing for the various rating divisions to fight it out for the number one county in the country. See more about Middlesex here:

To commemorate the King’s Coronation and celebrate Middlesex Chess, they are organising a Seniors vs Juniors match.

If you would like to play (or are interested in learning more to play for the county), please contact with Anthony, or Keith on the details below. (with an extra shout-out for 1600+ juniors to get involved)