Teams & Captains

As of the 2023-24 season currently underway, Hammersmith Chess Club fields 15 teams in different divisions across the London, Central London, Middlesex, and the Thames Valley competitions.

Our First teams involve our club’s strongest players and will be facing the toughest competition in the London League (captain: Jim Stevenson), Thames Valley League (Bajrush Kelmendi), Middlesex League (Luke Lau) and Central London League (Tom Townsend), however we also participate in lower divisions and all our members regardless of experience and playing strength have the opportunity to play for one of our teams.

Details of our teams and the respective captains as follows.
Click on any team names to be redirected to the current League Table, and on a division name to see the future Hammersmith fixtures (note some divisions include more than one of our own teams)

Hammersmith AThames Valley League1Bajrush Kelmendi
Hammersmith 1London League1Jim Stevenson
Hammersmith 1Middlesex League2Luke Lau
Hammersmith 1Central London League2Tom Townsend
Hammersmith 2Middlesex League2John Abbott
Hammersmith 2Central London League3Nick Groves-Kirkby
Hammersmith 2London League3John White
Hammersmith 3London League3David Lambert
Hammersmith 3Middlesex League3Luna Eastham
Hammersmith 3Central London League4Andrew Cuff
Hammersmith 4London League4Nadim Osseiran
Hammer JuniorsLondon League4Frank Valle
Hammer HodgsonLondon LeagueMajorDavid Steyn
Hammer HedgerLondon LeagueMinorGianmaria Mazzaracchio
Hammer WomenLondon LeagueWomen'sAna Royce

We welcome any new players and will do our upmost to provide competitive chess throughout the season, along with the usual club events, tournaments and training evenings!

The only requirements are that you’re a paid-up member of the club – details here, and that you’re ECF-registered, details here. It’s a very simple process, please feel free to ping us with any questions you might have.

Further information on the leagues we play in can be found here:

London League
Thames Valley League
Middlesex League
Central London League

Our own End of Season Update for 2022-23

And there’s more….

Celtic Tigers – our sister club, the Celtic Tigers, play in the National Chess League (aka 4NCL) – the highest League System in the UK. Hammerite Chris Skulte manages the team. If you’re keen to play, please check out the details here and get in touch with Chris