Fair Play Guidelines

At Hammersmith Chess Club we believe fair play is important, and so is playing chess in the right spirit. We believe the vast majority of players from other clubs feel the same. With the topics of cheating, accusations and unsportsmanship becoming unfortunately more popular in recent times, we would like to share the below guidelines on how to behave during games and how to action if any incidents occur.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices:

Players should ensure that electronic devices are completely switched off before the start of
play. London League* rules state:

“All mobile phones and other electronic devices shall be switched off for the entire duration of the game.”

“If a player’s device makes a sound during the game, the player shall receive a warning the first time it happens and shall default the game the second time it happens.”

“If a player leaves the playing area during a game, and is found to be in possession of an electronic device, the player shall forfeit the game.”

“However, a captain may leave a mobile device switched on, with the agreement of the opposing captain, for the sole purpose of communicating with a player who has not yet arrived at the venue.”

*(other local leagues will have similar rules to be found on their websites)

If a player other than a captain wishes to keep a mobile on during the game so as to be contactable in an emergency, that should be discussed and agreed with both captains and the opponent. We would encourage Hammersmith captains and players to accommodate reasonable requests.

Players should also avoid discussing their game with team members, and/or spectators. Consulting with the team captain about the match score is fine.

What to do if you suspect a player may be cheating:

If a player has any concerns about the behaviour of an opponent, opposition player or even a team-mate, it should first be reported to the player’s team captain, who will then pass it on to a member of Hammersmith Chess Club Committee to investigate.

Players must not make accusations or insinuations of cheating via social media, including the various Hammersmith WhatsApp groups.

If anyone has any questions or concerns we would encourage them to get in touch with us via our contact form below: