A Word from the Chair – Halfway through the Season – Time to Reflect and Plan Ahead

Hammers, the season of 2023-24 is racing ahead with a mass of activity and an avalanche of good news and new initiatives.



First, I want to thank all on the Hammer Committee for their hard work – all of them volunteers who help ensure this club stays solvent, relevant, entertaining, and providing value for money. In particular, I must thank Adam and Gastón for their efforts that go way beyond the call of duty.

We have just had our first Committee meeting of 2024 and high on the agenda were the results from our members survey – overall the results were extremely supportive and positive about what the club is trying to do and already does. Fair points were made about training for beginners and events we could run – your committee has taken these on board and planning to incorporate this into our development plans.

I also want to thank all 15 Hammer captains – to get a team of chess players to a venue on time is not an easy task and all our captains do an amazing job. We are unique in that we have a different captain for each of our teams – that is incredible, and shows the commitment of Hammer members.

Our junior club goes from strength to strength with tremendous work from Tom, Luna and Luke helping things run smoothly along with the herculean efforts of Andrew and Frank. I must also thank Frank for captaining our Junior LL team and give the future Hammer stars the experience of long play chess and getting an official grade.

On the competitive front our Hammer 1 teams in the TVL, Middlesex and London are performing outstandingly well – indeed all the Hammer teams are having pretty good seasons – we do seem to have the measure of Battersea in particular.

All that happens in our club is down to volunteers – as some of you know in a previous life, I was a member of Rotary Club in South London – indeed I even served as President. The central motto of Rotary was service above self – in other words using your skills and connections to help your community was in your DNA. I want every Hammer to embrace this ethos. I need volunteers to help run this amazing club you are all part of. Some of you will be able to contribute substantially others due to work and other commitments will only have limited time. It does not matter – literally every little bit helps.

I implore you all to get in contact with Adam or myself and tell us how you can help. I also urge you all to think about standing for election to the Hammersmith Committee – the AGM is just under 4 months away. We are a club of 200 members, incredibly diverse, welcoming, and safe for all. We need you to help us grow our club in every way – I have said this many times – this is not Adam’s chess club or my chess club it is YOURS – please get involved.

On a final note, I want to single out Matteo our Treasurer who has announced to the Committee he will be standing down from the position after nearly 5 years in the post – he has provided great service and knowledge to this club, and I thank him for all he has done for Hammersmith Chess Club.

The future of this club is in your hands, do not forget that.

So, Hammers, GET VOLUNTEERING!!!!!!!!!!!!

John aka Lord Clueless
Hammersmith Chess Club Chairman

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