All aboard the Hammer Express – Next stop: PARIS (28th – 30th June)

Come one, come all.

After a plethora of trips to Amsterdam, Cork, Wroclaw, Ostend to name a few, Hammers will again rally together to build bridges, lasting friendships, and amazing memories. In June we travel to our noisy neighbours, as we visit Paris, France. (Sign-up form at the end of the article)

Paris has a renowned chess history – before chess clubs were a thing, over 260 years ago, the well-known French philosopher Diderot wrote as early as 1762 that “Paris is that certain place in the world, and Café de la Regence is that certain place in Paris, where one can find at any time the best chess players in the world.”

Now is our chance to write ourselves into the history books of this city.

Next step was sitting down with the wonderful Benji Portheault in a secret location (can you guess? – amazing Thai and Guinness) to plan, what we hope to be, a trip not to forget!

The trip will involve:

  • Eurostar to Paris (leaving Friday, returning Sunday)
  • Saturday match at the famous Blitz Society (max. 25 players)
  • Parisian late-evening festivities
  • Exploring the Catacombs of Paris
  • An exclusively prepared feast at the Japanese fusion restaurant
  • Walking tour of Paris (paying respects to the grave of 4th world champion Alexander Alekhine).

For budgeting purposes – we expect the cost of the trip to be approximately £550 + drinks (includes travel, accomodation, special dinner, chess, tours).

If you are definitely in, or are thinking about it, can you please fill out this form, and we will be in contact.

P.S. Congratulations to Hammersmith 1 in the London League, who are currently top of the table at the time of this article. Hats off to captain Jim Stevenson.

P.S.S. Honorary mention to our first team captain in the Middlesex League, Luke Lau, whose team currently top the table with 6W – 0D – 0L. Can this “first-time” Hammersmith captain maintain his perfect record?

From your Hammer on Tour organisers: Chris & Benji

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