The Rumble in the Jungle – The Hackney Manor Challenge

The Rumble in the Jungle – The Hackney Manor Challenge

Yes, the news has spread of our triumph in El Chessico and those East End hard nuts, the Hackney Manor, want a piece of the action. Those American-Cockney-East End mobsters have thrown down the gauntlet, or in their case, the knuckleduster, and challenged Hammer to an epic battle over 30 boards. This truly is the Cold War rerun (nice- ed) – West versus East in a fight to the death for chess superiority, ideological purity and the all-important bragging rights in the banter world.

Seriously, following on from the huge success of El Chessico I am delighted another rated challenge match will take place on the 1st of November 2021 at the Anvil, aka the Mindsports Centre, with kick-off this time of 7pm – please note.

I also want to be clear Hackney are a great club with good people and like Battersea, have the right views on the future of club chess. So, in truth this should be really called the “Warm War” but that sounds a bit weak – so I am sticking with Cold War.

If you want to take part, please email me at – remember you must be a hammer member and a member of the ECF.

I need you to bear arms again.

Lord Clueless needs you Hammers.


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