Hammers: Time to Get Involved


As definitely one of the older members of the Hammer crew, that label is simultaneously scary to me as well as a source of pride. Why, may you ask?

The former because it’s not the age thing for me – it is just the mileage. The latter because it tells me how far this club has come, and my generation will be able to hand it over in rude health to the next lot of younger Hammers. The transformation and rebirth of this club will have been complete (No Star Wars comparisons please).

 During my business life – there is one outside of chess – I was a member of a Rotary club in South-East London. The central theme of being a Rotarian is one of service – the thinking being that you use your business connections and time to help make things better in your community. We supported many initiatives throughout my membership- the local hospice, local hospitals, support groups for various medical afflictions and drugs education in primary schools. This was all done by using our time and business contacts.

I am asking you all to embrace this spirit and help your chess club – the immediate calls are for team captains for the coming season and help with Junior Hour.

If you want to be a team captain or want more information, please contact club captain Ben at rothwell.ben@googlemail.com.

For myself and on behalf of the force of nature that is Christof, we are looking for you all to volunteer for one hour of Junior Chess Club – once only between now and June 2022 – this means getting to the club at 6 pm and being prepared to take on the task of helping educate the next generation of chess players.

This is a noble purpose – you will be rewarded in two ways – personal development and secondly securing the future of our superb game and the club we all have built.

My target audience is you Hammers and the parents of our Juniors.

Email me asap on jdrw9591@gmail.com  if you want to get involved – we need you!

John “Lord Clueless” White

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