OTB Hammer Tournaments Are Back!

During the Lockdown and social distancing period, the online format for the Hammersmith Internal Tournaments was very popular and many players were able to compete and enjoy a good game of chess. 

Now that the social distancing rules are being progressively lifted, Hammers will be able to play OTB internal tournament games again, and this will be very enjoyable to all of us at the club!

Those tournaments will continue to combine online and OTB formats, so that the choice is available to players, and to maximise the opportunity to play high-quality games of chess between the members of our club.

On June 30th 2021, the 2020 season was officially closed and we can now announce the winners as follows:

Sledgehammer Cup 2020 results (Standard Play)

Winner:  Robin Sarfas (37 points)

Runner-up: David Lambert (30 points)

Third: Chris Moore  (17 points)

Rockhammer Cup 2020 results (Rapidplay)

Winner:  Christof Brixel (60 points)

Runner-up: Raluca Stroe (29.5 points)

Third: Adam Cranston (28.5 points)


Jackhammer960 Cup 2020 results (960 Rapidplay)

Winner:  Nadim Osseiran (29 points)

Runner-up: David Lambert (14 points)

Third: Javier Silvarrey (12.5 points)


Launch of the 2021/2022 Hammer Tournaments Season

This year we will continue to  have 3 different Cups:

  • The Sledgehammer Cup for Standard Play
  • The Rockhammer Cup for Rapid Play
  • The Jackhammer960 for 960 chess variant in Rapid Play time control

Those tournaments are open to all Hammersmith Chess Club members. All you need to do is to contact your fellow club members, agree an appointment for an OTB or Online game, and then submit the game result via this link to the game submission form.

Please note that

  • Online games count towards the ECF online grading (except for 960 chess)
  • Only games that are rated on the online platforms will be accepted, casual online games will not be accepted
  • Players are encouraged to have a live video connection during online games
  • All OTB games are ECF graded.
  • Players must be ECF-registered in order to play OTB games.
  • Game results will only be accepted via the provided game submission form, results by email will not be accepted.

For complete information and rules, please have a look at the Hammer Tournaments Documentation

Good luck for the 2021 Hammer Tournaments Season!

The Internal Tournaments Team


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