25th May 2021 @ 7.30pm – An Online Chat with GM Daniel King

Hammers, a real treat – Grandmaster Daniel King, totally all-round superb chap, Hammer member, and chess media star, will be Zooming exclusively with the Hammer posse.

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From 7.30pm on Tuesday the 25th May on the Hammer Zoom account, he will be presenting on the Kings Gambit (a reference to his DVD from last year) – taking questions, and giving insightful answers.

What questions will you ask?

Is the Kings Gambit really playable in modern chess? What chances does Nepo have against Carlsen? Where is Carlsen right now in terms of his chess evolution? When do you think OTB chess will return?

It is your opportunity to put these questions and many more to one of the people in the know.

If you want to be involved in this special event please email me: jdrw9591@gmail.com to pre-book your place. Hammer membership is a requirement.

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