Hammer Summer Online School

This year, Hammersmith Chess Club is organising a Summer Online School, for recovery from other exhausting holiday activities, for those rainy days, but mainly for a systematic improvement in the understanding of chess. Because we all want to be better and better when over-the-board chess resumes, or for any of the club’s online tournaments.

The Summer Online School is free for club members, and geared towards Juniors and Late Starters (adult beginners who know the basics and a little more). There will be 4 events each week, two of them reserved for Juniors. We do not expect huge crowds, so there will be ample time for individual attention. Each event will last 1-1.5 hours. Success is guaranteed – this is the summer of real improvement in the understanding of chess!

TUESDAY at 5pm, starting on 4 August

Juniors: A structured Zoom lesson, each time covering

  1. a specific opening line (the focus is not on learning many lines but on the technique to create a simple opening repertoire),
  2. a specific middlegame topic (focusing on the thought process and the positional characteristics),
  3. a specific endgame type (each week with the focus on a different piece).

The whole program is scheduled for 6 to 7 weeks duration, for a comprehensive coverage of each package. Each lesson starts with warm-up puzzles. The main lesson will cover a little theory and lots of practical examples. There will be suggestion for homework – of course on a voluntary basis.


Juniors and Late Starters: A second Zoom lesson as follow-up of the week’s Tuesday focus.

SATURDAY at 11am

Juniors: Christof or another club member will be available on Zoom for a consultation on anything chess-related; it could also be a game review, a practise game or a simul game if there is more interest.

SUNDAY at 6pm

Juniors and Late Starters: A blitz tournament will be organised on lichess for those who like to think and decide fast.

Late Starters wishing to participate, please contact Christof: cbrixel@yahoo.com.au. And anyone wishing to join the club as a new member, please contact Adam: adam1234321@gmail.com