Hammer Online – Code of Conduct

Hammers – with the blossoming of our online presence, we must also acknowledge that the virtual game presents different challenges compared to the face-to-face game.

Words and actions can be made with less though for your opponents – or interpreted differently; distractions are much easier to come by; and the opportunity for computer or book assistance is ever-present.

Thankfully, most online chess platforms offer sophisticated anti-cheating software, but for the avoidance of doubt we expect all Hammers to abide by the following Code of Conduct when participating for the club in online games, tournaments, or other activities. And we will take appropriate action if any individuals do not.

Hammer Online – Code of Conduct
  1. Respect your opponents & other online participants, and treat them no differently than you would in a face-to-face game.
  2. Avoid using foul, abusive or upsetting language in any chat channels or online meetings.
  3. Whether you win, lose or draw, be gracious at the end of your game.
  4. Do not cheat – do not use computer assistance, book assistance, or any other form of outside help in your game.
  5. Strive to do your best for the club whenever you play for us online.


We trust that all our members already abide by these simple steps, and we look forward to continuing with our hugely successful programme of online events.

If you have any queries, please get in touch.

The Hammersmith Chess Club Committee. 

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