Hammer Online – Save the Dates!

Hammers – as we continue to break ground with how our club operates in these strange times, here’s a quick summary and reminder of some fantastic events that are coming up.

Be sure to keep an eye out for further details on the HammerTime WhatsApp group – and if you’re not yet part of the conversation, get in touch so that we can add you!

Junior Hour & Club Nights

First up – our Junior Hour, and regular Club Nights will continue most Tuesday evenings as before, only hosted online as a Zoom meeting! You just need Zoom account, a reliable internet connection, and ideally a webcam to participate. Full joining instructions will be posted in our club WhatsApp group.

Both sessions will be hosted by an experienced Hammer, and we’ll rotate where possible. Club Nights will focus on themes, games, and the occasional competition.

A Zoom session from this week – Hammer’s thinking hard!

Our Calendar has the full schedule of what’s coming up – please note: the next TWO Tuesday evenings will see us take part in club v club challenge matches, but normal Club Nights will resume after that!

Challenge Matches

We have a whole series of online games against other clubs coming up, starting this Saturday 28th as we partake in a London Club Team Battle! Details are sketchy at present, but it’s going to be a fast & furious melee of chess action – keep an eye out for further details, and please sign up for a lichess account if you want to take part!

Tuesday 31st sees us rekindle our friendship with the Dutch masters of EsPion chess club, in Amsterdam. After a highly successful pair of visits, we continue to cement our bond with this online club v club game, starting 7.45pm. Not to be missed!!

Friday 3rd we take on the Hanseatic might of Lübeck chess club. Avid readers will know we had to postpone our Summer trip to this stunning medieval city, however you can’t keep a good club down – and we will take on the club next Friday, starting 7pm.

Tuesday 7ththe big one, el grande saucisson, not to be missed – the fourth instalment of El Chessico, and yet another chance for Hammersmith to Lord it over South London upstarts, Battersea, in the ongoing battle to be London’s Premier Club. We say it’s a battle – in reality it’s become a procession. Will Battersea pull something out of the bag this time? It’s gonna be big…

Online Coaching Sessions

Some of our more creative members have been hosting online coaching sessions (again, via Zoom meetings). So far, they’ve been extremely successful & are likely to continue as the ‘lockdown’ shows no signs of being a short-term measure.

The best way to get involved is via our WhatsApp group – please get in touch if you’d like to be added, or otherwise receive details about these sessions!

Looking Ahead…

The situation continues to evolve daily, and we’re learning what works best with each session that we host, so stay tuned for future plans. And if you have any ideas that we could adopt, or are keen to host a session or other online activity, please just get in touch – we’d love to keep the chess going during these trying times!

Stay safe, keep your distance, and look after each other!



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