The Twelve Reports of Christmas – Part 2: Central London Juniors

Five years ago, Hammersmith Chess Club had 23 members. We now have 108 members, including 23 juniors.

I’m delighted to announce the first ever report from our first ever junior team, expertly captained by chess-mum extraordinaire – Ekaterina MacLeod.

New to the club and Central London League, Hammersmith Junior Team has shown real gut and determination right from the start of the season.

We started with just 11 players in the team – all with relatively small ratings but great desire to play and improve our chess. Our youngest teammates: Alex, Zain and Cian have shown true sportsmanship and resilience – they faced really strong opposition from Kings Head 2, Streatham and our adult counterparts from Hammersmith. Conall is the man of the season – having not missed a match, after a slow start, he fought hard and brought the team 3 points on board 2. Jack and Kumar played beautifully and scored vital points for the team on board 1. A special mention goes to Jakub and Abakar who always help out when the team needs them. I remember a tough match and well deserved draw between Jakub (100) and his opponent from Pimlico 4 who was rated 114. Abakar (85) grew stronger by the match finishing the season with a win against a 116 rated opponent from Kings Head 2.

Our young stars represented the club in European Youth Championship in Estonia recently and showed great results – we congratulate them on their amazing performance in this tough and prestigious tournament.

Conall, Laith, Taymour and Nadhmi celebrate Hammersmith’s latest El Chessico victory

Currently in 3rd position with 2 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, Hammersmith Junior Team has everything to fight for in the second half of the league.

We welcome new members to the team and hope that they will enjoy playing with us in Central London League.


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  1. Great write-up and picture…!

    Very strong team, and already building a great reputation for themselves. Well done, all!

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