The Future of Club Nights

Attention Hammers – we need your input!

As the club continues to grow, we will be hiring Lytton Hall on Monday AND Tuesday evenings next season.

This is being done to ensure we can dedicate one evening to home matches – allowing players a quiet, calm atmosphere in which to play their games; and one evening to Club Nights – where we’ll host casual games, organise competitions, hold events and lectures etc.

It’s going to be a really positive change, allowing us to provide the perfect atmosphere for those important matches, and giving us the space and freedom to run events and casual chess, all in the same week.

With great change comes great responsibility though – and we need your input as to which of the two evenings should be our “Club Night” – Mondays, or Tuesdays. It’s DECISION TIME!

It’s an important decision, so we are putting it out to our members for guidance & have created a poll for you to vote on – below.

Things you may wish to consider when you cast your vote: your personal weekly schedule; other chess commitments, logistics of getting to Lytton Hall on different nights, work, family life etc.

Let us know what you think – feel free to post a comment below too – we’re keen to hear the views of all our members. Thanks for your time!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Would you prefer Club Nights to be held on Monday or Tuesday next season?
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