The Hammersmith League 2019 – Round II

Round II happened at Mother Anvil this past Tuesday. There were big questions in the air.

Could Hammer get back on track against the Crazy Gang??
Could the Lions overcome our frenemies at Battersea??
Would the Tigers have their wings clipped by the Hackney Posse??
The answers would be forthcoming…

In contrast to Round I, the second round provided two decisive results and one heroic comeback. The chess was bloodthirsty with only one draw in the evening, out of 24 games.

To the matches then.

Tigers vs Hackney

This was an odd match because the Tigers waked it 8-0 with default win being the real hero. Hackney were a no-show due to a variety of factors, but the rules are the rules. The Tigers win 8-0, the game card is predictable.

Final Score: Tigers 8 – 0 Hackney

Hammersmith vs Football Radar

The Hammer boys ran into a determined and dogged Football Radar Team. After drawing the first round 2-2, things looked hopeful for the Hammer crew. Unfortunately, the Radar gang had very different ideas. A painful 4-0 sweep occurred giving a 6-2 win to the Football Radar.

Excellent performances from Adam and Michael who went 2-0 against Jonathan and Wyatt. Kostis and Nick rescued the only wins for Hammer.

A stellar performance from the Crazy Gang.

Final Score: Hammersmith 2 – 6 Football Radar

Tony’s Lions vs Battersea

Both these teams needed a win – that was clear. Who would triumph??

Battersea had to default Board 2, which made their task even harder. The first round ended in a Lion’s win by 2.5-1.5, with a great win from Connall and a fighting draw from Raman seeing them through. However, in a great fightback Battersea won all three active games in the second round to sneak a tight win 4.5-3.5.

A tremendous fightback and great credit goes to skipper Gregg, who went 2-1 and kept his teammates focused.

Final Score: Lions 3.5 – 4.5 Battersea

So after Round II the cross table looks like this:

And the standard league table looks like this:

Roll on Round III, on January 29th!

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