Hammer Needs Your Help – Sunday 12th August

My fellow Hammerites, one of the mantras I have adopted in my business and personal life is if someone does me a kindness, I will never forget, and in the future, I will repay that kindness in some way. A much nicer version of Don Corleone from The Godfather films!!!

One of those situations has now arisen with Better Fitness Gym in Hammersmith. Those with keen memories (surely all Hammer chess players!) will recall how they helped us out on the MIND fundraising day in May, by lending us their very large gazebo, provided prizes to help with our fundraising (all free of charge!) and then let us hire the gym room for the Keith Arkell simultaneous as part of the Espion/Cork weekend, for merely a £50 donation to their partner charity Cancer Research UK.

They are holding a fundraising day on the 12th August 2018 from 10am to 5pm, in Lillie Road Recreation Ground, raising funds for Cancer Research UK. I have committed Hammer to support this event as a chance to raise money for a very worthy cause, help publicise our great club, and repay a moral debt.

So, I need your help – volunteering for two hours would be really helpful – please email me on john.white49@ntlworld.com asap so we can get a rota together. We will have two tables, four chess sets, and eight chairs to man.

Come and help our friends – they supported us when we needed help – now it is our turn to lend a hand.

Do not let me down, Hammer!


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