Puzzle of the Week #021

Straight down to business this week – last week’s puzzle generated a lot of responses (not all of them from Charlie!). It wasn’t until our very own Irish Ace – PaulDead EyeKennelly – got in on the act, that order was restored and the correct solution proffered.

Yes, the not-immediately-obvious 1.Rd7! was correct! Black resigned due to the line …Qxd7 2. Qxh5, gxh5 3.Bh7#

Rd7 was necessary as after an immediate Qxh5, black has the defence Qxh2+

Congratulations Paul!

To this week’s puzzle then… White to play – answers in the comments please:


3 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #021”

  1. I like 1. Nc6. White is threatening to take black’s queen. If black tries the intermezzo:

    1…Rxe1+ 2. Rxe1. Now there’s only one move to avoid losing the bishop (or queen).
    2…Qc7 3. Ne7+
    3…Qxe7 4. Rxe7 wins a queen.
    3…Bxe7 4. Bxc7 wins a queen.
    3…K anywhere 4. Qxa8+ wins a rook.

    If black skips the intermezzo and plays the only move to keep the bishop (and queen) alive:

    1…Qc7 2. Re7
    2…Rxe7 3. Nxe7+ transposes to the intermezzo line.
    2…Qxe7 3. Rxe7 wins a queen.
    2…Bxe7 3. Bxc7 wins a queen.
    2…Q anywhere else loses either the queen or the bishop.

    1. Edit: 2…Rxe7 3. Nxe7+ isn’t quite the same as the first line, but 3…Qxe7 4. Qxa8+ still picks up a winning exchange.

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