Puzzle of the Week #020

Our previous puzzle appears to have been a bit of a tricky one, with only one solution submitted, although that was the correct one (and correctly described as “delicious“). Congratulations goes to Marios!

It was a great study from a brilliant woman, Judit Polar – generally considered the strongest female player of all time. Taken from a 1998 game against Vishy Anand, and featured in a book: “Judit Polar: The Princess of Chess”.

The full game is worth a look (puzzle starts on move 54):


So to this week’s offering. White to play and win!

Answers in the comments please.

9 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #020”

  1. Black could try to block with nh6 but queen just takes and still the threat of queen is still there. Mate with support of the bishop or mate with support of the knight

  2. 1. Qxh5 leads to 1…Qxh2++

    Queen forced to take back
    2. Qxh2 Nxh2

    White winning but it’s not a ‘win’. Certainly not the way I play 🙂

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