Puzzle of the Week #014

With a record number of responses last week, it’s fair to say that our previous Puzzle of the Week was a proper thinker (or should that be thronker!).

Gokhan was first on the board with the correct (partial) sequence, but it was Bajrush who came in later with the full set of moves. Honours even this time, I think! Well done to you both.


  1. Qd5 Rb8
  2. Qb7!! Rxb7
  3. axb7 – promotion is then unstoppable. The miserable position of the black knight costs dear!

(Source: What it Takes to Become a Grandmaster, Andy Soltis)

And so to round XIV. Black to move & win!

2 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #014”

  1. This is a strange position. It looks like the White pieces should be Black and vice versa. Anyhow, the solution seems to be,
    2.Kf8 Qh6+
    White can move 3. Kf7,e7,e8, or g8
    3. Kg8 Be6 mate
    3. Ke7 Qg7+ and mate follows
    3. K f7 Be6+ and mate follows
    3. Ke8 Bd7+
    4. KxB Qe6+ and mate follows. If 4. Kf7 Be6+ 5. Ke8 Qg6+ and mate follows.

  2. I’ve not seen the whole game – it is from a game, not a study – but I suspect both queens came about via promotions, and in pawn endings the kings can easily end up on the wrong side of the board…

    Anyway cute mate isn’t it!

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