Puzzle of the Week #012

To say last week’s puzzle was popular would be something of an understatement – no fewer than 14 responses (albeit most of them from Charlie!!).

In the end, it was Charlie who got there first (on his 11th attempt), but credit to Adam too. Well done to you both and we’re loving the enthusiasm!

The full solution as follows:

1. Qc3+ (Qb2 is also ok), Kg8 (not forced but anything else loses lots of material)
2.  Qxh8+, Kxh8
3.  Bf6+, Kg8
4.  Re8+, mate!

So to this week’s puzzle, and it’s a bit more of a thinker.

All our recent puzzles have been about piece play, so this one celebrates the little guys – the pawns are the hero here:

White to move, answers in the comments…

10 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #012”

  1. I think f4, with the aim of then playing f6 and then following up with a supported g5. The sequence would be along these lines:

    f4, Kd5;
    f6, g*f6;
    g5, f*g5;
    f*g5, h*g5;
    h6 and onwards to queen

    If blakc plays g6 instead of g*f6 then after white plays h*g6 either that pawn or his f pawn will queen.

  2. Ah I think white doesn’t need to play f4 and can instead just play g5 followed by f6. That way a pawn will either break through on the g or h columns.

    1. I agree with Mohammad, adding 6. Kc2.

      Black is now in zugzwang. If he moves the king the h6 pawn queens, and the f pawn can’t move because it’s blocked by the king!

  3. if he doesnt take on f6 you end up with a passed pawn on f if he pushes the pawn. obvs you dont want to just leave it there.

  4. F6 forcing to weak h pawn , then F4 so
    g5 is inevitably facing for H pawn will be promoted,
    I did not calculate the kings move for Black , but apparently too far to catch H pawn
    that is all about H pawn I believe so.

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