Puzzle of the Week #011

Happy Friday – we’re back once again with another Puzzle just in time for the weekend.

Last week’s was a reasonably straightforward mating puzzle, albeit not necessarily entirely intuitive.

Panos was the first to respond with the correct answer – effectively a Queen sacrifice to force the mating sequence. Well done Panos!

This week sees us celebrating the outbreak of mad romanticism in the London 4 team last week, with a game from the archives featuring Capt. Evans.

Evans-McDonnell, London, 1829. Not the first recorded game with the Evans Gambit, but a win by the inventor.

White to move, answers in the comments please!

14 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #011”

  1. 1. Qc3+

    1… Kg6 2. Ne5 wins a queen
    1… Kh6 2. Qxh8 wins a rook
    1… Bd4 2. Qxd4 wins a bishop
    1… Kg8 2. Qxh8+ Kxh8 3. Bf6+ anything 4. Re8#

  2. 1. Re5 looks good, black has to play something like 1…h6. Then 2. Nc3 gets all his pieces in play and the win will come by osmosis.

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