And the 3rd Best British Chess Club Website is…

… that’s right folks, a mere 18 months after we re-launched our website in January 2016, we have been officially recognised as one of the finest Chess Club websites in Britain by the wise folks at ChessJournal. You can read their full article here:

The Top 5 British Chess Club Websites

We are naturally delighted to have placed in the top 5, and even more delighted to have placed ahead of our local friendly rivals, Battersea! Not the first time that’s happened either…

It’s been a fine effort by the many people who contribute regular articles & updates, not least our ever-faithful team Captains. ChessJournal were particularly complimentary about the number of events we hold too, and how this “really makes you want to visit the club“. Props to all involved!

To mark the occasion, we’re issuing a call to all members for new articles to post – we want your contributions! As long as it’s vaguely-chess related, we’ll publish your article! It could be about anything at all, but here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • How you got involved with the game, your personal “chess journey”
  • Playing chess in another country, for those non-UK member out there, and how it compares
  • Your most memorable game – perhaps it was a funny moment that happened, or you played chess somewhere particularly exotic!
  • A short writeup of a tournament you’ve played in – bonus points if it was somewhere other than London!
  • Your preferred opening lines, tricks & tips, or other playing advice
  • Anything else – we’ll post it!

If you’d like to write something please let us know:

We’re already got a few ideas from the usual suspects, but we want to hear from all of you. It’s your contributions that make this website such a success – don’t be shy and get in touch!!

3 thoughts on “And the 3rd Best British Chess Club Website is…”

  1. Chess Journal got it wrong. Hammersmith Chess Club is number 1.
    By the way ‘Chess Journal’ who he?

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