Hammer in the 21st Century

Ladies & gents, an exciting new era in team-management beckons!

Our Summer League captains, Marios and Ken, are trialling a new way of managing teams & we want all Hammersmith players onboard.

The simple solution is a brilliant app called Teamer. It’s a standard download on your smartphone and will allow much simpler, more dynamic and intuitive arranging of teams in future. It’s definitely the way forward, and we want everyone at Hammer to be on board with it.

There are many Pro’s to recommend it to you all, but in summary:

  • Very user friendly
  • Match calendars readily visible
  • Accept/decline match invitation with a simple click
  • Performance and attendance stats recorded
  • Cool features – photo-sharing, team discussions
  • Makes a captain’s life much, much easier
  • Organises all our teams on a single, streamlined platform
  • An end to group emails

Ken and Marios have already set up all Hammer members on the app – you’ll have received your invitation email already, and it’s remarkably easy to sign up from there.

If they’ve missed you – don’t worry, please click the following link to set yourself up so that we don’t miss you!


Any questions, feel free to add a comment – thanks!

Ken & Marios.

Teamer in action

2 thoughts on “Hammer in the 21st Century”

    1. Paul, this is not about thwarting interpersonal relations. We simply want to make our life easier and avoid defaults. You can also get on it from your pc (Teamer.net)

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