Puzzle of the Week #005

Slightly later than planned (apologies – Bank Holiday weekend, and on-going preparations for the Charity Event on 29th April – volunteers still required!!), we return to Puzzle of the Week!

After some light heckling on the apparent easiness of last week’s effort, I can confirm that first prize goes to Paulcan you keep the noise downKennelly – well done Paul!

Nobody got the reason as to why it was chosen, however. It was in fact a tribute to American GM Art Bisguier, who died earlier this month. The position was from one of his best known games, Bisguier-Larsen, Zagreb 1965, White to move and win. Not very difficult, granted, but quite aesthetically pleasing! Solution Mainline:

Rxf6! Bxf6, Bg7! Bxg7, Qh7#, or Bxg5, Qh8#

Larsen played Bh8 to avoid this but was mated a few moves later anyway. The whole game is worth a look.

So to this week, and a puzzle chosen by our GM-slaying member Marios (heckle in his direction if you find it too easy!). He has said: “Its beauty is matched only by its difficulty!!“. White to move, answers in the comments please…

8 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #005”

  1. Well, it took me 3 hours split in different days and a board in front of me to understand that White’s Bishop must not take the Rook in the corner… Amazing puzzle!

    1. Bc6 Rb1+ 2. Ke2 Rxh1 3. Bg2+ Kxg2 4. Nf4+ Kg1 5. Ke1 g2 6. Ne2#

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