Puzzle of the Week #004

Another Monday, another puzzle of the week. But first, to last week’s winner.

It was a really nice puzzle from Carsten, and indeed, one which he saw live – or more precisely, the post-mortem just after the game had finished, whith White still looking shell shocked! Mortensen – Karlsson, Esbjerg, 1998:

20… Rxf3 (so White can’t play Ne1 protecting c2)
21. Rxf3, Nb4 and white resigned due to 22… axb4 (or cxb4), Ba4 with mate in max 4 moves.

Very pleasing, and I think John White takes the plaudits this time. Well done, John!

To this week’s puzzle then – one point for the correct solution, and a bonus point to anyone who can say why we chose this game:

5 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #004”

  1. 1 Rxf6 exf6 2. Bg7 is threatening mate on h8. Otherwise it is mate on h7 by Wh Q.
    It was chosen because the other puzzles were too difficult

    1. Same reply to 2… Bxf6 apparently.
      Hope there will be something more difficult to crack in the next batch of puzzles.

  2. Correction: Mortensen – Karlsson was played in 1988 not ’98. My typo not the webmasters I hasten to add!

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