London 4: Honours Even at the Lane

08.11.16 – London League 4: Hammersmith v Metropolitan

It was a classic ‘game of two halves’ last night. The first four games to finish landed us with just the half-point to show for our efforts. Then, just when it looked like we were heading for defeat, a fantastic last surge that Donald Trump would have been proud of, sent us to an honourable 4-4 DRAW. Probably pretty fair all things considered – there wasn’t much to call between the grades…

Standing room only on a busy night at the Lane

It’s a reflection on how hard I was concentrating on my own game that I have little insight on the games involving Brian, Robin or Andy. When I finally conceded defeat, we were already down 0.5 vs 3.5. Brian once again held firm and chipped-in with a solid half-point.

My game was a frustrating one. I felt I outplayed my opponent all the way through the middle-game, managed to fork King and Rook with my Knight and entered the endgame +1.5 points according to my engine. Still, they haven’t developed a Stockfish that allows for a couple of slack moves under time pressure! Before I knew it, my opponent had squared-up his double-bishops and they were at least as strong as my Rook / Bishop pair. Real frustrating one.

Ken was first to claim a win – an outstanding result on his debut! Not least because my spies tell me he looked in a spot of bother early-doors. It was nice to see the guys playing through some variations once the game had finished. A pleasure when you’ve won. Torture when you’ve lost.

The Hammersmith team, deep in focus…

Rich found himself in a good position against his tricky adversary, again with advanced pawns raiding their way up the board. Short on time, he pushed hard for promotion but allowed the back-door open and the most frustrating of finishes: a perpetual check when you’re clearly winning! No doubt almost as painful as his 5am start the next morning.

Next to finish was Orial who maintains his fine start for the club. All the focus was on his lone pawn on the 6th rank, and whether he could force it home. No easy feat with 3 pieces blocking its path. Still, through a series of skilful manoeuvres he found a way, and ended up slipping it a surprise checkmate into the bargain. Very impressive to watch.

The night was rounded off by John who was a whole piece and a pawn up when the clock chimed and it was time to adjourn. His position was solid, with a natural plan emerging to raid into enemy territory with his doubled-pawns. Sensing the end in sight, his opponent did the honourable thing and resigned rather than force the resumption. Also allowed a few of us to nip to the pub to muse over what might have been!

Another step on what’s proving to be a very enjoyable season in League 4. Next up is Metropolitan’s big brother team. The bigger they are, the harder they fall…

Result: Hammersmith 4 – 4 Metropolitan

And the current L4 table:


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