Hammersmith Chess Club – Summer Report 2016

This Summer at Hammersmith saw a change from the usual downtime that accompanies the end of the league season and the long wait for the new one to begin. Members were lucky enough to take part in a number of events involving competitive – and in some cases not-so-competitive – chess during July and August. Club Sec Mike Mackenzie presents a summary.

Monday 18th July
A special evening of chess saw Hammersmith take on Battersea in the first game of our Summer double-header, dubbed “El-Chessico”. Members of both clubs seemed very much up for the event, with 12 boards turning out for this rated game at the Albion Pub. Full report can be found here.

Our inaugural Summer double-header against Battersea saw 26 boards across the two games!

Monday 25th July
This scorching hot evening saw a splendid simultaneous over 14 boards by our very own Sue Maroroa. An excellent turnout, coupled with Sue generously waiving her fee and donating it to the club, saw a thrilling evening of chess. Full report can be found here.

Sue Maroroa – knows a thing or two about chess!

Tuesday 26th July
The concluding game of El-Chessico saw a huge turnout at Battersea’s home venue in darkest South-West London. Fully 14 boards took part in this second leg as Battersea sought to salvage some pride…. Full report here.

With a draw in the second leg, Hammersmith took the tie 1.5-0.5

Monday 1st August
Saw 7 members turn out at the Albion pub for an evening of chess.

Monday 8th August
9 members showed up for what turned out to be a very interesting evening of chess. John, Mike, Jorge, Paolo, Shaun, Javid, Tomas, and Matt turned out, along with top club player Carsten, who was kind enough to analyse several games played by the other members, as well as enjoying a spot of recreational chess himself.

Monday 15th August
A whopping 13 members showed up at the Albion, plus Danny’s flatmate, and new recruit Matteo.

Monday 22nd August
8 members including John, Mike, Phil, Anda (our terrific library organiser!), Rich and Jorge turned out for the evening, plus a graduate from one of our library evenings, Marc, came down to see what it’s all about.
Pavel also turned up and sadly let us know he’ll be moving back to the Midlands in the next few weeks. Best of luck Pavel!

Monday 29th August
No chess due to the Bank Holiday!

The Life of a King

It’s not often a film about chess comes along – though the recent biog of Bobby Fischer stands out – but here are some details about an upcoming chess-themed cinematic event…

The film “Life of a King” is being screened on Tuesday 30th August at Walthamstow Empire cinema. The film stars Cuba Gooding Jnr, and is an inspirational tale based on the true story of an ex-con who, determined to help at-risk youths avoid the mistakes he made, forms a chess club to offer them an alternative to street gangs. Tickets are £10.50 and the screening starts at 7pm – full details can be found here.

Move before you… dammit! 

As part of the screening, Hackney’s first team captain FM Bob Eames is giving a free simultaneous on the afternoon of Saturday 27th August. Keep your eyes posted on Hackney’s website for details.

Sue Maroroa vs. Hammersmith!

As regular readers will know, Hammersmith Chess Club had the enormous pleasure of taking on Women’s International Master Sue Maroroa in a Simultaneous display across 14 boards on Monday 25th July.

It was a sultry evening in the Big Smoke and the atmosphere in the upstairs function room of The Albion pub was no different. What little ventilation was on offer didn’t really help, as we just about managed to squeeze in enough boards to accommodate everyone!

Former Hammersmith player Sue had generously agreed to play us this Summer and it was an enthusiastic crowd that turned up, ranging from our old timers, recent new members, and the odd potential signing. Sue had hoped that the evening would be “quick and painless”. Whilst we could ensure an evening free of physical torment, with 14 boards it looked anything but rapid!

Play commenced shortly after 7.30 and it quickly became evident that Sue would have a fight on her hands – not only was Hammersmith fielding a former Punjab Chess Champion in Amit Sharma, amongst other strong opposition, but the setup of the pub meant a long walk down to the far end of the bar with every circuit Sue completed – Hardly ideal given the heat & humidity!

It was a loooong way to get round all the boards

First blood went to Sue however, with a brisk ten-move victory over Shaun (someone had to be first!). Your correspondent followed soon after, conceding after 26 moves. Sue gradually clocked up the victories and whilst the war was clearly being won by the WIM, there remained a number of intriguing skirmishes that would end with victory for Hammersmith.

Amit eventually ended up victorious from a deep strategic game that had Sue thinking hard all evening.

The ice-man… Amit. The coolest thing in the pub that night

John Wooley went two pawns up in a commanding position leaving Sue with little option but to concede.

Jay Hinolan wound up with doubled pawns in a tight endgame, but somehow managed to get one to an imminent Queening position, forcing Sue to resign.

Jay looking very happy with his position

Chris Moore sealed a draw by taking out Sue’s last pawns. He came agonisingly close to forcing the game but there just wasn’t enough material to get his last pawn to a Queening square. Bad luck!

Chris looked under the cosh early doors but ended with a brilliant draw

Club Secretary Mike Mackenzie managed to hold on with even material throughout a long game which looked to be heading for a draw, however Sue was able to push forward and claim victory.

The evening finished with Sue notching up 10 wins, 1 drawn game, and conceding 3. Congratulations go to those players who obtained a result – some terrific chess was played. Thanks also to everyone who turned out for the event, it was great to see so many faces.

Special thanks to Sue for donating her time and energy on a very warm evening in the capital – Hammersmith Chess Club salutes you, and we hope it wasn’t too painful!

For more photos of the evening please check out our Facebook Album, and don’t forget to check out Battersea Chess Club’s website if you would like to play in the Simul they are organising against Simon William, aka the Ginger GM!

The Ginger GM

Following the success of our Simultaneous game against WIM Sue Maroroa, and hot on the heels of a successful double header across 27 boards, our good friends at Battersea Chess Club have very kindly extended us an invite to a 30 board Simultaneous they will be hosting against GM Simon Williams (aka “The Ginger GM“).

The Simul will take place on the evening of Tuesday 6th September at Battersea’s home venue, with an entry fee of £15. Spaces are limited – if you’d like to reserve a spot please drop an email to their organiser, Aldo: aldocamilleri@aol.com

Come, come, Mr Bond, you enjoy a glass of Chardonnay just as much as I

Simon is an English GrandMaster (peak rating of 2550), an accomplished author with several titles to his name, a respected commentator, and has a significant online presence with his own highly successful YouTube channel and website, providing training and insight into his games.