Upcoming Theory & Practice Sessions

We are pleased to announce details of our upcoming Theory & Practice sessions for May! Details as follows:

  • Monday 9th May, from 7pm – following hot on the heels of our previous session, another look at endgame tactics. April’s session was really valuable & very well received, particularly the discussions on the Lucena and Philidor positions. This will then be followed by another match involving all players – similar to the previous session, it should get everyone thinking well outside of the box!
  • Monday 23rd May, from 7pm – a session run by Carsten – currently our top-rated club player and GM-slayer! – this will involve a deeper look at some endgame scenarios, followed by a move-by-move analysis of some recent games from our club players. The game analyses are always fascinating, if only to see just how differently (or perhaps similarly!) a stronger player views the positions. Always gets you thinking and a great way to see moves you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of.

As usual the sessions are free of charge and open to all-comers – no need to be a member, just get in touch if you’d like to come along; we’d love to see you there!

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