Internal Club Tournaments – Your Feedback Requested

By John White

One of the key ingredients for the success of our club is to have a credible and worthy chess club tournament(s). This is something I have been asked to consult members on.

Currently the club has the Christmas Blitz Tournament running and nothing else – it is very popular and is a great social evening.

My proposal is this:

The annual Club Blitz Champion will be decided over the course of four tournaments: the one at Christmas, and three other tournaments to be held during the rest of the year.

My feeling is it would be best to hold one of these on the first Club Night of the season, and one after the AGM. The other would be held between January and March. The overall competition would have a trophy and a cash prize.

Secondly, an internal Rapid Play tournament would be held throughout the chess season with the aim of having the games rated so you obtain an ECF rapid play grade – the time limit would be 30 minutes per player for the whole game. Again, a trophy would be on offer.

This would allow members to play a substantial game with a meaningful purpose – this caters for those members who prefer a more cerebral challenge.

We’d like your feedback as soon as possible so we can propose a motion for approval at the AGM. Could you please leave your comments below, and/or email me directly.

Many thanks! John.

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