Game of the Season Award

As of July 2023, the 2022/23 League Season has just ended successfully for Hammersmith Chess Club with lots of members taking part in matches against other clubs for one of our 17 teams across 4 different leagues.

With so many games being played, we have decided to select our Best Game of the Season! We have asked GM Daniel King (and Hammersmith member) to be the judge, and there could be no better prize than getting your game analyzed by a world famous player, commentator and author.

The winner this year was Marco Gallana for his win against IM Graeme Buckley! Below you can see Danny’s review of the game, plus a few mentions of other top nominees.

The games can be replayed on this Lichess Study, and the details are listed below:

  • Harry Croasdale (The Hung Pawns) – Adam Cranston (Football Radar), London League Eastman Cup
  • Peter Roberson (Hammersmith 1) – Alexander Cherniaev (Wood Green), London League Division 1
  • Marco Gallana (Hammersmith 1) – Graeme Buckley (Wood Green), London League Division 1
  • Gianmaria Mazzaracchio (Hammersmith 5) – Anthony Foreman (Lewisham 3), London League Division 4
  • Gaston Franco (Hammersmith 1) – Zaki Harari (Cavendish 1), London League Division 1
  • Frank Valle (Hammersmith 4) – Kevin Flaherty (Lewisham 3), London League Division 4
  • Richard McMichael (Ealing 1) – Alistail Hill (Hammersmith 1), Thames Valley League Division 1

Make sure to keep your scoresheets and share your best games for the 2023/24 Season with a Captain or Committee member. Looking forward to even better games next year!

See top games from the previous season here: Game Selection 2021/22