Anon vs Bajrush Kelmendi

Following on from a training session run by our Middlesex captain Adam Cranston, our Wiley Old Silver Fox of a Chairman, Bajrush, had the opportunity to use some of the points he learned that evening in a game the following week. Adam favours the “London System“, and Bajrush was able to take the theory and use it to his advantage.

Everyone who was at the last training session will know about Adam’s preferred “London System” opening. He played White in the system, with opening pawn moves on d4, c4, then after Bf4, King pawn to e3. We played it three times on the night, with his system facing my preferred system opening in which a Bishop pair sits on the 7th Rank: after g6, Bg7, then after b6, Bb7. I won all three matches on the night but what was really interesting was that I faced the London System in London League 3 the week after the training.

A very good game won as a result of the previous weeks training :o)

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