Fast Track your Chess with First Team Training – Monday 9th of May


Next Monday (9th May), on top of the usual casual chess, several first team players (2000 – 2400 FIDE) are donating their time to work with club members to help them improve their chess.

We will be spread out over 3-4 tables from 730pm – 900pm (and maybe longer) to:

  • Go through your games (so bring your scoresheet or electronic copy of a game)
  • Provide our best tips for analysing your games
  • Give general advice on improving your chess

Though it will set up as a 1-1 chat, spectators are welcome if you want to listen in.

Depending on interest, we may only be able to go through 1 game at a time per person, though you can always re-join the back of the line.

A big thanks to the following first team players for volunteering their time:

  • International Master Thomas Rendle
  • Marco Gallana
  • Alistair Hill
  • Fedja Zulfic
  • Carsten Pedersen
  • Jim Stevenson
  • Yours truly (Christopher Skulte)

We look forward to seeing everyone Monday, and I’m sure the players above wouldn’t mind an optional beer donation if you feel they have done an amazing job, or at the start to encourage some creative thinking.

See you Monday.

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