Hammer Evolution – The Next Step

Hammer Evolution – The Next Step

This club has made enormous strides in the field of diversity and opportunity in the last six years. The appointment of a Diversity Officer as a full Committee member was an indication of your committee’s intent to ensure that the club was welcoming to chess players of all backgrounds.

We have run Women’s tournaments, coaching from top women coaches, and seminars to boost and increase our women’s membership numbers. We have moved into a venue that offers superb facilities and a safe environment.

Despite our progress and efforts, we are still overwhelmingly at both Junior and Senior level a male dominated club. 

This is not unique to our club and is an issue that occupies the higher echelons of our brilliant sport.

It is time to do something radical.

The Hammer Committee voted last week to reduce the membership for women and girls from £65 to £10 for a season – this will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

This is something the Committee was entirely at one with and determined to make work for both women chess players and the club.

Incidentally those women members who joined in the last 6 months will be contacted by our treasurer Matteo as they are entitled to a refund. Please check your email.

Finally, our previous Diversity Officer Raluca has had to relinquish the post due to various factors (main one being she has commenced a PhD)– she gave brilliant service and was innovative in the way she helped promote diversity in the club.

We are pleased to announce that Tom Rendle will be taking on the role of Diversity Officer on a temporary basis. The Committee would like to hear from members interested in the role long-term, as well as anyone with ideas/suggestions. Please apply asap to our secretary Adam,

John White aka Lord Clueless
PR Officer

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