Hammers on Youtube – The Launch!

We are excited to let you know that Hammersmith Chess Club now has a YouTube channel. You can find it in the navigation menu at the top of this page, as well as via the following link: Hammers on YouTube.

We have already uploaded 7 videos, due to the outstanding support, great effort and ingenious initiative coming from one of our top Hammers, Christof Brixel. Many thanks, Christof! You will notice that our public channel currently has two main series:

  • Hammer Junior Hour, which includes 6 videos summarising our regular Junior Hour Session, with season 1 currently focusing on the analysis of some of the great games in the history of chess.
  • Hammer Endgame Series, focused on specific types of endgames. Our first video on rook endgames is currently available on the YouTube channel via the following link.

We also have a couple of longer, premium videos exclusively available to Hammer members, which can be accessed by contacting a member of the committee:

  • The Jobava London System
  • AlphaZero – the more human program

We are currently working on other videos, including an analysis of Jon Ludvig Hammer vs Magnus Carlsen (2003), another rook endgames video, and a Junior Hour “Basics” video.

Please keep an eye on our channel and subscribe to receive updates on all the newest videos.

I would like to use this opportunity to say that Hammer YouTube is the channel of our members and we hope to provide content that reflects the incredible diversity within our membership.

We hope the channel will become a reflection of the different backgrounds, cultures and interests that came together and shaped our club.

We have many ideas with regards to the future development of our community’s YouTube channel, but we would also like to welcome your ideas and expressions of interest! Please view below a few suggestions on how you could contribute to the channel:

  • Hammersmith Simul Nights: Volunteer to report or comment on one of our exciting simultaneous exhibitions and let’s showcase together one of our club’s very popular activities.
  • Are you strongly supportive of a specific chess style or maybe a certain opening? Do you believe blitz games could be key to growing as a chess player? Do you disagree and prefer long chess games instead? Everyone with an opinion on chess is welcome to join our CHESSbate series, a mix of chess and debate where you present your arguments on your opponent’s time. The clock is ticking so this is not an activity for the faint-hearted.
  • This is something for our Cooking Experts! Feel free to send us photos or video glimpses of your delicious food and even recipes. Would be great to collect some of your ideas with regards to suitable recipes for chess players.
  • Are you a fan of chess quizzes and other creative party games where chess is ever-present? Let us know how you and your friends have fun and we will include it in a ‘Top Chess Party games ideas for Hammers and Friends’ video.
  • Are you interested in a specific chess-related sector? Help us understand why you love this sector or teach us more about it in one of our ‘Hammers how to videos’. Some topics you might want to consider: “How to teach chess to children”, “How to improve your chess”, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at o.stroe@outlook.com if you wish to become a contributor to our YouTube videos. Any ideas, brief videos, audio recordings and/or photos are welcomed.

Thank you for your continuous help and support!

Raluca Stroe

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