New Horizons – Hammer Junior Hour Starts @ 6pm, 30th September!

First, a quick bit of history – when Hammersmith Chess Club was inaugurated in 1962, a thriving junior section was seen as key to the new club’s success. This was duly implemented and paid huge dividends – a certain 4-time British Champion GM Julian Hodgson began his chess journey at Hammersmith.

The juniors section, circa. 1965!

However, over time the initiative stalled, along with the club – and by the early 2010’s we would be fighting for our very survival.

Fast forward to 2015 – a new Committee was elected with a mandate to transform the club, and part of the vision was to reboot the Junior section. It has taken us four years, but we are now ready to launch for the next generation of Hammers!

At 6pm on Monday 30th September 2019, the opening night will kick-off! We have lots of ideas how to make this work, but also need Hammers to step forward and help with the sessions.

I have always adopted the philosophy that us, the current Hammer members, are merely the custodians of Hammersmith Chess Club – our primary role is to hand the club onto the next generation as a vibrant and forward-thinking organisation.

So, Hammers, do your duty and get involved – Hammersmith expects! 

Contact John if you’d like to help:

Blitz Tourney & Prize Giving – October 7th

The first round of our season-long Blitz tourney starts on Monday 7th October. It’s the third year of the competition which, in a gripping finale last year, saw our Wily Chairman, Bajrush, take the honours yet again in a thriller of a final round!

Monday 7th also marks our prize-giving ceremony at Lytton Hall, celebrating the best performances of the last 12 months, including…

  • Player of the season for each team
  • Biggest rating improvement
  • Personality of the Year
  • and much more…

Don’t miss it!

2 thoughts on “New Horizons – Hammer Junior Hour Starts @ 6pm, 30th September!”

  1. great pic, blast from the the past. That’s John White ( the real JW) 2nd from left at the top of the pic. Two along from him, on the same side of the table, is Peter Martin. They were the two founders of the club.
    That’s Jim Keane in the second row with his back to the camera, the only person not looking at the camera. I like that, chess is just too important. Jim was a strong and faithful member of the club for many years. He always played a3 and h3 or a6 and h6 within his first 6 or 7 moves and was hard to beat.
    My best wishes to the juniors, you won’t find a better club in the country.

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