Puzzle of the Week #029

‘Weekly’ puzzle? No problem – here we go again…

Our last instalment was way back in March(!!). Yes, we have been slack – apologies!!!

Adam Cranston takes the plaudits there, picking the correct line to follow (Rg3!!), after 2. hxg3, Qe4, mate becomes unavoidable.

To our next puzzle – White to move and save him/herself: answers in the comments please:

10 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #029”

    1. If after 1. Ke6 black decides to push the pawn king can chase it. If bishop tries to protect c8=Q is always an option.

      Ps. Can’t be that simple. I am sure I am missing something (on the train back to London).

        1. If that bishop makes it to c8 I really can’t see a way white can make a draw – he’s not going to get the opposition and stalemate seems a bit farfetched.

  1. 1. Kc8! b5 2. Kd7!

    Black will now have to play two bishop moves. One to f5 to prevent promotion and one when the bishop gets attacked from e5. Then the white king catches the pawn!

    Example continuation:

    2…Bf5+ 3. Kd6 b4 4. Ke5 Bc8 5. Kd4 b3 6. Kc3 Be6 7. c8=Q Bxc8 8. Kxb3

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