Puzzle of the Week #028

It was back in January that we presented our last puzzle. As is the way, Charlie was in there first, but he didn’t get the right solution this time.

Plaudits go to Jon S, with the following line:

1…Bxe3! (Bxc3??, Nxd5 Kxd5, gxh4= as black has the wrong bishop)
2. Kxe3, g4!
3. gxh4, gxh3 (or hxg4, h3) and in both cases the pawn promotes.

A nice little game taken from the 2014 Qatar Masters, Karthikeyan-Eljanov.

On to this week then, taken from a 2015 NCL game, no less – Black to move, answers in the comments:

7 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #028”

  1. 1…Rg3!

    2. Bxg3 Qxg2#
    2. hxg3 Qe4 with 3… Qxg2# next move
    2. anything else 2… Rxg2+ 3. Kh1 Rxf2+ 4. Kg1 Rg2+ 5. Kh1 Rxh2+ 6. Kg1 Qxg2#

  2. I see ways for white to wriggle in the 2 hxg3 line but black still emerges a Q v R ahead:

    2 hxg3 Qe4 3 Qxf8+ Kxf8 4 Rc8+ Ke7 5 Rc7+ Kf6 6 Bd4+ Qxd4+ 7 Kh1

    Is there something more clinical?

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