The Christmas Blitz!

The Big Hammer Question This Weekend – What is the most important date in December?

Yes, the intellectual bar has been set pretty high, but for true Hammers the answer is the 17th December. Why, you may ask?

It is the last club evening of another momentous year for Hammer Chess.

The Hammer Blitz tourney starts – the Hammer equivalent of the Royal Rumble in the WWE. This is real caveman chess and a sight to behold. 

Reigning champ, Tony “The Surgeon”, plying his strong blitz trade last Summer

This is the first leg of our annual blitz tournament, with current champion Tony “The Surgeon” Niccoli defending his title against all comers. The threats are many: Wily, The Great Dane, T-Bone, Aramis…… Pickle, Clueless…. the list is endless.

The rules are simple:

  • First, you gotta be in it to win it.
  • Only the two best results from each of the three tourney’s count. In other words, if you play all three, you maximise your chances of being crowned champion.
  • It is a time handicap tourney, so if you are graded lower you may have up to 8 minutes to play the entire game, against the 2 minutes allocated to your higher-rated opponent.
  • This year, after a serious review of the scoring system, the following points will be awarded: First place: 1 point, Second place: 2 points, and so on. The overall winner of the competition will be the Hammer with the lowest score from the two tourneys that count. This will eliminate different entry numbers from the equation. 
  • I would like to think (4) was my idea, but Ben – captain of LL Hammer 4 – is the source!
  • Hopefully it will be a Swiss Tourney, depending on Adam having the software available.
  • It’s FREE for all Hammer Chess members

We will also be presenting some prizes on the night, plus major announcements on a raffle and all the activity to come in 2019.

So come and enjoy the last chess hurrah of 2018!

If you cannot make it on the 17th, then on behalf of all at Hammer I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2019.

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