Puzzle of the Week #024

Welcome back, and we’re straight down to business again.

Last week’s puzzle generated a load of interest- quite a thronker, it’s fair to say. But it’s big JimlocoStevenson who takes the plaudits this time, with the following sequence:

  1. …        Rf1+!
  2. Rxf1, Rxd1+
  3. Kxd1, Kxf1 – and the pawn ending is won for black, as he maintains the opposition.

The actual game (BernsteinDake, US Ch. 1936) went: Rxd1, Kxd1, Rxf5, gxf5, f6, Ke2… ending drawn.

On to this weeks puzzle – White to move, answers in the comments please:

5 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #024”

  1. Nh5, and you either win a rook or get mate.

    If pawn takes, then Bishop h6+ and mate with the Queen on f6 (if King takes Bishop), or Queen and then rook on f8 (after Rook takes Queen) if the King moves to h8 or g8.

    If Kh8, then mate with Queen and then Rook on f8 again.

    If Kg8, then the rook forks the King and Rook on f6 and black is still in a lot of trouble.

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