Puzzle of the Week #022

Our last puzzle proved a bit of a thronker, with only one real solution proffered by the mighty Hammer faithful.

It’s Adam “Pickle” Cranson who takes the plaudits – congratulations! – with the following line:

  1. Nc6! Qc7 2. Re7!! – Winning the Queen for Rook & Bishop, with an easily won position.

This was from a game in 1954, Bykova v Kogan, at a Moscow-Ukraine match. Taken from The Soviet School of Chess, by Kotov and Yudovich, which apparently does actually contain some decent chess, amongst all the Soviet propaganda! East-side!!!

To this week’s thinker – white to move and win, answers in the comments:

8 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #022”

    1. Just noticed the king escapes to e5 in my last effort.

      How about:

      1. Rg7+ Kf6
      2. g5+ hxg5
      3. Rf7+ Kg6
      4. f5+ Kh6
      5. Rh7#


      1. Rg7+ Kf6
      2. g5+ Kf5
      3. Re5#

  1. Rg7+, kf6 2. Ref7+, ke6 3. Re7+, kd6, 4. Rd7+, if kc6 whites wins the rook

    Therfreo 4. Rd7+, ke6 5. F5+, ke5 6. Rd7+, kf6 7. Re6+, kg5 8. Rg6#

  2. Ok like the look of
    1.Rg7+ Kf6
    Then either
    2.g5+ PxP 3. Rf7+ Kg6 4. f5+Kh6 or Kh5 5.Rh7 mate
    (b) g5+ Kf5 then Rf5+

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