Puzzle of the Week #018… plus FREE GM Simul!

It has officially been one month since our previous Puzzle of the “Week”, so without further ado, the winner from our previous Puzzle is….

Charlie (aka. Sorted) & Adam (aka. Pickle), both of whom were correct, albeit with ever-so-slightly different styles of responding! Honours shared this time – congrats to both excellent solutions.

2. exd5, Rxd1+
3. Ke2, Rxd5

The puzzle was taken from Sokolov-Thogersen, Rilton Cup 2018. White should now have continued with Rxb7 with reasonable drawing chances but Sokolov played Bxa7 and eventually lost, securing his opponent a well deserved FM title.

The position was from the weekly column in the Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftidende, a personal tribute to their long standing chess correspondent Niels Erik Neilsen, who is recovering from a recent stroke.

Our puzzle-setter in chief, Carsten, has known Niels Erik for almost 40 years, so I’m sure we all join Carsten in collectively sending Niels Erik our best wishes too!

On to this week’s offering then – White to move and draw! Answers in the comments please:


And Finally…

If that’s not enough for you, our friends over at Battersea Chess Club will be hosting GM Danny Gormally for a Simultaneous exhibition next week – and it’s FREE to enter!

The details you need to know:

  • Where? Battersea’s Home Venue – Battersea Labour Club, 81-83 Falcon Road, SW11 2PF. It’s next to Clapham Junction Station
  • When? Kicks off at 7.30pm
  • Who? GM Danny Gormally, currently rated 2484!
  • Contact? Reserve your spot by emailing Aldo: aldocamilleri@aol.com

Battersea have generously reserved a number of spots just for us Hammers, so you’ll be guaranteed a place – you just need to drop Aldo an email to confirm first.

7 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #018… plus FREE GM Simul!”

  1. Stalemate after 1. Kc5 Kxe4 ( 1…Kf4 is no different) 2. Kc4 Ke3
    3. Kc3 Kf3 4. Kd3 Kg2 5. Ke2! ( threatens 6. Rxh2+) 5…Kxh1 6. Kxf2.

    That’s a pretty neat puzzle.

  2. Not sure that works Jim

    Kc5 Kxe4, 2. Kc4, Ke3 3. Kc3, Kf3 4. Kd2, Kg2 wins for Black I think. I am on he move but pretty sure

  3. Good one. If the Bl K tries to come via e2 to promote the f pawn White just takes on h2 and the f pawn is pinned. A cunning stunt, as they say.

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