Puzzle of the Week #017

You’re an untitled player with black against a famous GM, and appear to be in some trouble against the active white Rook and advanced d-pawn.

Find something clever to get out of trouble! Black to move…

Answers in the comments please – first with the right moves takes the biscuit!

9 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #017”

  1. 1… Nxd5!

    If 2. exd5 Rxd1+ 3. Ke2 Rxd5 and black is up two pawns.

    If anything else, black takes on e3, ridding white of the d-pawn and bishop pair i.e.
    2. Rxe5 Nxe3+ -/+
    2. Rxb7 Nxe3+ -/+
    2. Re8+ Kg7 3. Ke2 Nxe3 -/+

  2. a far more professional response than mine Ads 🙂 but I think we were on the same wave lengths there

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