Puzzle of the Week #015

After a brief hiatus last week, we are back with a bang – down to business.

As the only response to last week’s puzzle, PaulDead-EyeKennelly takes the plaudits this time – congratulations Paul!

It was taken from Kolb-Schroeder, Nuremberg in 1895. Snipped from the wonderful Van Perlo’s Endgame Tactics.

On to this week’s puzzle – White has just played Rxb7 (so it’s Black to move). Why was that a bad idea??

3 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week #015”

    1. I get these words sent to me everyday from Merriam-Webster. Today’s word is ‘yegg’ which originated in UK but was more often used in US. I reckon Jim could be a ‘yegg’ for getting this tricky puzzle so quickly.

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