London League 5 Opener

11.10.16 – London League 5: Greater London v Hammersmith

Hammersmith’s opening game in London League 5 took place against the traditionally-strong side of GLCC, at their home venue up in Holborn. Our new L5 Captain Robin Lee with the write up:

It was on balance a very closely contested match across all boards in the League 5 opener. On the top two boards, David Lambert and Brian Dodgeon got taken to quite technically advanced end games which were good to watch.

Brian eventually succumbed with a Rook and one pawn against a Rook and three pawns. David on board two drew in fine style in an endgame with just King and several pawns on either side – a demonstration of the finer points in King opposition.

Four boards, Eight Players… The calm before the storm

On board 4 Nick Rutherford gained an impressive advantage with the White pieces, playing the English opening. Aside from a trap his opponent set, he could have won and was unlucky to lose the game.

On board 3 I played an unusual line in the Sicilian Najdorf early on that might have unsettled my opponent. Luckily it left me with an advantage in development. After some strong attacking play from both sides in the centre, I was able to neutralise his rook pawn and rook attack, with my strong centre catching a bishop pinned on his Queen, helping prevent him from castling. After swapping pieces he resigned a few moves later.

Final result: GLCC 2.5 – 1.5 Hammersmith


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